Medical delivery to Odesa

Odesa is a big city that hosted lots of people from the South and East parts of Ukraine during this war and we got lots of requests from hospitals. They were running out of life necessary supplies and people kept coming. This amazing woman @bethke_maya decided to collect and send tourniquets, military first aid kits, and medicine to Odesa. Help Ukraine Now reached out to her and offered help because together we can do great things. We're able to send 2 big deliveries (over 200 lb) to a hospital in Odesa.

Together we collected and packed 164 tourniquets!

And so much more:

  • military first aid kits 6;
  • tourniquets 164;
  • hydrochloride bandage 27;
  • chest seals 16;
  • emergency bandage 15;
  • quick clots 7;
  • Celox 5;
  • bless stop 5;
  • trauma scissors 4;
  • emergency blanket 4 packs;
  • military gloves and knee pads 4;

All of this was shipped with support from and volunteers who helped us collect supplies all over the city.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this delivery!

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