Making sure that the help gets to the people in need

There are a lot of questions from people about where the humanitarian aid is being delivered and if it truly gets into the hands of those who need help the most.

Making sure that the help gets to the people who are suffering is definitely one of our highest priorities. We learned that partnering with trusted non-profit organizations and hospitals on the ground are the best ways to deliver help to the people that need it the most.

One of the organizations we are actively cooperating with is "Let’s Do It Ukraine", a Ukrainian non-profit organization located in Kyiv oblast, Ukraine that collects donations from around the world and delivers them to the previously occupied territories of Ukraine and active war regions where people have been left with very little or no means for survival. You can check out their social media at @letsdoitukraine or visit their website

Moreover, "Help Ukraine Now" cooperates directly with hospitals and doctors in Vasylkiv, Odesa, and other cities who provide us with a list of their needs and we collect the aid specifically for them.

Help Ukraine Now has been registered as a non-profit EIN 88-1095749. Gifts and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by IRS regulations.

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