Another big transfer for medical programs to the United 24

We made one more transfer of $29,000 to President Zelenskiy Fund for generators to power up hospitals.

Hospitals are essential facilities that provide lifesaving services to thousands of people daily in Ukraine. However, when power outages occur, hospitals can be severely affected, putting patients' lives at risk. In some cases it can even lead to loss of life. That’s why it’s critical for hospitals to have reliable backup power sources to keep life-saving equipment running and provide perfect lighting for surgical procedures.

Help Ukraine Now will be supporting this medical initiative to help people survive. You can join our forces for this initiative through Benevity. Just simply go to the platform and type “Help Ukraine Now”.

Help Ukraine Now has been registered as a non-profit EIN 88-1095749. Gifts and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by IRS regulations.

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